We are now cleaning out dead HITs on a regular basis several times daily. If you experience a problem with too many dead HITs, please use the contact form to inform us. Please note the specific HIT title and requester so that we may track down the problem. Thank you.

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Links: All links go directly to the preview for the HIT.

Pays: The amount to be paid by the MTurk HIT's requester.

Time: Total amount of time it took an actual human to complete this HIT. Darn nice data to have, huh?

Score: Higher is better. This is our attempt to quantify whether a particular HIT is worth the bother.

Date: The date and time the HIT was recorded as completed. Keeping track of how old a HIT is is important, since older HITs are more likely to have already be fulfilled and rendered no longer available.

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What the Heck is TurkHit.Info?

TurkHit.Info is a website that acts as a filter to help you find the best jobs available on Amazon's Mechanical Turk program.

Version 0.2

This is just the second public version of TH.I. Please continue to keep an eye out for bugs.

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